donations and volunteering to help better our community

Making our community better through involvement.  Green Tree donates regularly to various local charities and organizations to help make our community better. From volunteering to donating and setting up used computer equipment, to making monetary donations, Green Tree is dedicated to helping serve local non-profits.

donated to various charities

Equipment Drives for Local Charities

When most businesses upgrade to new systems, they typically put their old equipment in storage or throw it away. But there are dozens of local charities that could put your old equipment to good use, provided that someone could properly setup and implement the IT for their charity.

Green Tree hosts numerous equipment drives to gather used computers, servers, networking equipment and more for local businesses, then donates and setups up this equipment for local charities in need of tech upgrades.

We Need Your Help!

If you have unused computers, cables, or other hardware laying around your office, please consider donating them to help a local charity!

Local Non-Profit Beneficiaries