Today Green Tree Technology hosted the Central Bucks Rotary Club Purple Pinkie Bicycle Ride to raise money for Polio Vaccination.

—Background Information—

In previous years we have supported the Purple Pinkie 5K a run/walk held to raise money for Rotary’s Global Polio Eradication Initiative This year there will not be a Purple Pinkie 5K.  Instead clubs are encouraged to do a “Virtual 5K”: go for a walk or run or ride or just host an event where we can share information about Polio and Rotary. 

—What Is Purple Pinkie—

When a child is vaccinated for Polio through Rotary they also get a piece of candy and their pinkie finger marked in purple ink.  If a child comes through the vaccination line and already has a “purple pinkie”, the volunteers know to just give them a piece of candy and not a second dose of the vaccine.